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Quick Clown Girl by Magsoi Quick Clown Girl :iconmagsoi:Magsoi 5 0 Hand by JOKE-on Hand :iconjoke-on:JOKE-on 2 0 Yule Exposure by DravenBlackthorne Yule Exposure :icondravenblackthorne:DravenBlackthorne 13 0 Target by Llmascanbepurple Target :iconllmascanbepurple:Llmascanbepurple 4 0 DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round 27 06 2017 16 03 18 by David-Holman DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round 27 06 2017 16 03 18 :icondavid-holman:David-Holman 1 0 Wo Xiang Ni by isaacrobinson97 Wo Xiang Ni :iconisaacrobinson97:isaacrobinson97 16 7
Amateur Surgeon 3 Bonus Star Challenges
For those who want to know, here you are:
Mr. Giblets:
-Blue Star: Sudden Death
-Pink Star: 1-minute Time Limit
-Blue Star: Score at 1,800 points
-Pink Star: Sudden Death
Hubris d'Obscene:
-Blue Star: No Syringe
-Pink Star: 1-minute Time Limit
Shanks 'A' Lot Prison
Neil File:
-Blue Star: 2-minute Time Limit
-Pink Star: Sudden Death
Dale Break:
-Blue Star: No Syringe
-Pink Star: Sudden Death
Ed Scape:
-Blue Star: No Syringe
-Pink Star: 2-minute Time Limit + Sudden Death
Earnest Pickles:
-Blue Star: Score at 4,200 Points
-Pink Star: 3-minute Time Limit + Sudden Death
Mumbo Jungle
BugBite Mike
-Blue Star: Extra Fire Maggots
-Pink Star: 4-minute Time Limit
Tammy Gracefuls
-Blue Star: Sudden Death
-Pink Star: Extra Snakes
Sweetmeats Pete
-Blue Star: 1-minute Time Limit
-Pink Star: Sudden Death
Deceased Keith
-Blue Star: Sudden Death
-Pink Star: Extra Frogs
Lunacy Falls
-Blue Star: 1-minute Time Limit
-Pink Star: No Syringe
:iconthermyon-vulcronus:Thermyon-Vulcronus 1 2
DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round 27 06 2017 15 29 16 by David-Holman DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round 27 06 2017 15 29 16 :icondavid-holman:David-Holman 2 0 Ashi by HueGhost Ashi :iconhueghost:HueGhost 12 0 Kasumi Paradise by heiheicheng Kasumi Paradise :iconheiheicheng:heiheicheng 7 2 Shooting Star by SANSandGALAXYCAT Shooting Star :iconsansandgalaxycat:SANSandGALAXYCAT 4 2 What In Annihilation? by SANSandGALAXYCAT What In Annihilation? :iconsansandgalaxycat:SANSandGALAXYCAT 2 3 Fuzen by TheDerpyWhiskers Fuzen :iconthederpywhiskers:TheDerpyWhiskers 5 0 A Sleepyhead by Spychan134 A Sleepyhead :iconspychan134:Spychan134 2 0 DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round 27 06 2017 03 56 59 by David-Holman DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round 27 06 2017 03 56 59 :icondavid-holman:David-Holman 1 0 !Patched! by deystarrr !Patched! :icondeystarrr:deystarrr 8 0

"Did you know the more beautiful and brighter the creature, the more extravagant and excruciating the poison? Ahahaha!"


MarvelousDani by DemonDog585 MarvelousDani x DemonDog585 by DemonDog585 she drew her omg by MarvelousDani

Mature Content

You're Dead by Varnocdbz
ART TRADE: Thomas RUN by HueGhost MarvelousDani by DemonDog585 Cheer Up Dani!!!! by Kirbshy A Hug For Thomas by ShyviTheShy Dani's Favorites: Thomas and Nightmare Thomas by ShyviTheShy Thomas Smith- neverending nightmares by LudwigVonKoopalover Senpai Wuvs Me by DemonDog585 Danielle by Varnocdbz A Thank You To MarvelousDani by TheNinjaGamingArtist I Have No Title by DemonDog585

Mature Content

Yandere (MarvelousDani) by EN17

Mature Content

Yandere #02 by EN17

Mature Content

Dicksuit Thomas. by Unchained-Malady
.: Online girlfriend stamp :. by Aluri My Best Friend Stamp by RecklessKaiser Girlfriend DA by AmbreMarine
Girlfriend Appreciation Stamp by XxDiaLinnxX -shot- by bishielurfer I heart Dani stamp by DemonDog585

Newest Deviations

useful brother loves you by MarvelousDani useful brother loves you :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 5 14 i want you by MarvelousDani i want you :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 5 45 sketchy sketch of sketchy chef pete by MarvelousDani
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sketchy sketch of sketchy chef pete :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 8 5
ALAN PROBE IS A SILVER FOX by MarvelousDani ALAN PROBE IS A SILVER FOX :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 5 19 aged ponytail by MarvelousDani aged ponytail :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 8 5 messy sketchy killy boy by MarvelousDani messy sketchy killy boy :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 8 12 no frost by MarvelousDani no frost :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 6 6 frost by MarvelousDani frost :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 7 0 i never heard dis guy talk by MarvelousDani i never heard dis guy talk :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 7 13 Dr. Ignacious Bleed Custom Thingy by MarvelousDani Dr. Ignacious Bleed Custom Thingy :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 4 0 Horrace D'Obscene Custom Thing by MarvelousDani Horrace D'Obscene Custom Thing :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 6 10 AS-AA2 by MarvelousDani AS-AA2 :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 6 17 Karl Puccino by MarvelousDani Karl Puccino :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 7 11 mad mad Alan by MarvelousDani
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mad mad Alan :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 6 10
the guy named Dick by MarvelousDani the guy named Dick :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 9 6 is this a much worse punishment? by MarvelousDani is this a much worse punishment? :iconmarvelousdani:MarvelousDani 4 43
Yup Alan's da man. "Aw yeah!"


"Bye now. Stay classy!" -A. Probe

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Danielle Colins
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
shitty channel:…

Alan Page Doll by DemonDogxDani Alan Probe made by my GF!
i have no webcam so sorry mates no face chat

lol im still a little edgy yandere lover but my heart's been softened by my girlfriend ❤

Other info:
Fave color's RED! :bulletred:
Enjoys blood & gore! :chainsaw:
Has a potty mouth! :censored:
Is dirty-minded! :hump:
Can be semi-tsundere! :stinkeye:
Sucks at video games! :dead:
Loves anything catchy! :tunes:
Loves warm food! :coffeecup: :toast: :sunnysideup: :popcorn:
Loves to talk! :blahblah:
Is bisexual! :date:
heart was taken as of December 2015! :heart:


run from your demons...

Check these guys out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :iconshyvitheshy: :icondemondogxdani: :iconkirbshy: :iconhueghost: :iconratqween: :iconbaddreambird: :iconthermyon-vulcronus: :iconblessedbybradley: :iconnyanrainbowkatz: :iconunchained-malady: :icondeathball9105: :icondissapointedspy: :iconbanditex: :iconvarnocdbz: :iconkolover12: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

Thanks for visitin by k-nelo


115 deviations
i'm at 2%, but like im a bit confused on how this ranking system works. i'll still be collecting blood like a vamp though, for my girl <3

lol love sure does make me say silly things
that moment when a Trauma Center vid pops up in ur recommendeds as you're watching an Amateur Surgeon vid
Trauma by MarvelousDani

useful brother loves you by MarvelousDani YANDERE USEFUL // A short that came from nowhere // contains semi sexual themes // 

You wake up, your mind fuzzy. As your vision clears from the groggy blur, you take a look at your surroundings. It's dark, however several tanks full of venomous creatures dimly light the room. You try to stand up, but you feel something restraining you. You look down towards yourself and notice that you are confined to a bed, each of your limbs bounded down by rope. Try as you might, you're subdued pretty damn tight.

Suddenly you hear a metal door open and close, along with a "click!". A hooded figure approaches you, half covered in shadow. "(Y/N)..." you hear them say, the voice sounding that of a young male's. The man now stands at the side of your bed. "(Y/N)!" he calls again, a smile spreading across his half lit face. Before you know it, he has climbed onto the bed, looming over you. Now that you have a good look at him, you notice the man is wearing a glistening golden mask. His pupils...they give you a feeling of unease, seeming to stare right into your soul.

"You're awake! This is great! I'm so happy!" he exclaims, his smile spreading wider. "Wha...? Who are you?" you question. "Why, I am useful of course" he replies. "I've been watching you~ Everyday~" He places an icy hand your cheek. "'re so beautiful, I can't believe it...getting to see your beauty from this close! It's driving me crazy~!" You stare at him, baffled as all hell. "What are you talking about?? You've been stalking me?? How do you even...?" The man doesn't answer you however, seemingly too captivated by you to do so. You wonder if he is right in the head... 

"(Y/N)..." You flinch as you feel his hands on your waist. "You feel so warm and soft, just as I imagined you'd be." His hands start traveling up your shirt. "Ah, don't!" you shout, thrashing a bit as you begin to panic. "Useful" simply leans closer to you. "Don't be afraid, (Y/N). I only wish to be useful to you..." his smile turns into a somewhat contorted grin. You stare at him, wondering what the actual fuck is going on, until you feel a warm sensation on your lips. You become shocked as you come to realize that Useful has placed his lips against yours, kissing you. Filled with mixed emotions, you attempt to break the kiss by turning your head away from him.

"(Y/N)..." Yearning for you, he puts his hands around your cheeks and turns your head back towards him, immediately pressing his lips against yours once again. At first you don't know how to feel, anger, confusion, and surprise filling your mind. However, a two other emotions begin to cloud and overtake your mind: curiosity and lust. Slowly, you allow him to kiss you more passionately, your cheeks warming his palms. The kiss ends after some time, leaving you red in the face. Useful is panting, catching his breath. He is looking at you, ecstatic as ever. "That was simply amazing!" He pulls you in a tight embrace. "I love you so much!" he giggles.

"I won't let anyone take you away from me..."

that's all i gots for now. now that i lazily sinned im taking nap. do whatever u want with dis.

Amateur Surgeon - Useful Brother by MarvelousDaniUseful Brother from Amateur Surgeon
  • Watching: senpai
  • Drinking: tea


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